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Hudson Bus Accident Attorney

Greenberg Minasian Settles on Behalf of Injured Bus Accident Client for $1.25 Million

A man who suffered a traumatic brain injury when the bus he was riding in collided with a car was paid a $1.25 million settlement in his Hudson County suit, Boutin v. Montoya, on October 30th.

Clinton Boutin of New York was riding in a Yep Tours bus on 12th Street in Jersey City on July 6, 2017, when the bus collided with a Honda Accord, then struck a lamppost. The accident occurred when a car attempted to make a left turn from the right lane, said Boutin’s lawyer, Lawrence Minasian of Greenberg Minasian in West Orange.

Yep Tours is a low-cost carrier that offers service between New York’s Chinatown and the Chinatown section in Philadelphia, said Minasian.

Boutin, 47, a financial analyst, claimed he sustained a closed-head injury, herniation with cervical radiculopathy at C5-C6, and multiple bulging discs, as well as tears in the right shoulder joint. Boutin suffers headaches, fatigue, slow mental processing, difficulty concentrating, and impaired verbal skills and visual memory following the accident, said Minasian.


Charter Bus Driver In Deadly Queens Crash Had Previous Conviction

The charter bus driver involved in this past Monday’s fatal bus crash in Queens should have been prohibited from driving buses in New York due to a previous Operating Under the Influence (OUI) conviction in Connecticut.

Raymond Mong was charged with drunken driving and leaving the scene of an accident in a 2015 incident. He, along with 2 others, were tragically killed this past Monday when his speeding tour bus plowed into an MTA bus.

Anyone convicted of leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in injuries is barred in New York from driving a bus for five years.

Questions also have been raised as to how Mong was able to remain employed as a bus driver when he was previously required by the courts to use a breathalizer device to start his private car.

The investigation to the Queens crash is still ongoing and results of a toxicology test on Mong have yet to be released.