Client Testimonials

George v. City of Newark

Kevin George was a Sergeant with the Newark Police department. During 2001, a random drug test returned a positive result from the State Toxicology Laboratory. Sgt. George vehemently denied use of any illegal drugs but was nevertheless, dismissed from the force. Sgt. George initially hired an attorney referred by his Union Representative. Rather than fight, that attorney recommended that Sgt. George voluntarily resign without his pension or benefits. Instead, George hired William S. Greenberg of Greenberg Minasian, LLC.

Mr. Greenberg immediately hired a toxicological expert to contest the accuracy of the results of the drug screening before the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) at the NJ Office of Administrative Law (OAL). Although the initial recommendation from the Judge was not favorable, Mr. Greenberg voiced his objections to the Merit System Board which agreed and overruled the Judge’s findings. Mr. Greenberg argued that the Judge failed to understand the science of drug testing. Sgt. George was reinstated with a initial award of back pay and attorneys’ fees totaling over $125,000.00.

The City of Newark, stunned by this defeat, appealed on two occasions. The first was denied in its entirety and the second resulted in a rehearing on certain scientific issues not addressed by the ALJ. Despite the City’s loud objections, George remained on the job for another five (5) years.
During the next round of hearings, Mr. Greenberg fought to take statements from the State Lab scientists and review their files. When he finally got a look at the State Lab folder for Sgt. George’s test, some six (6) years after he first requested it, Mr. Greenberg discovered that the City had withheld documents at the first hearing. There had been a second test performed that was never reported. The second test result was so different from the first result it was clear that the tests were not performed correctly.

Armed with this new evidence, Mr. Greenberg hired a Board Certified Toxicologist and a Professor of Toxicology from Duke University to testify on behalf of Sgt. George. The second hearing was held before the same ALJ. Yet, once again the Judge failed to comprehend the science behind drug testing. The new Civil Service Commission, which replaced the Merit System Board, also made the same scientific mistake and discharged Sgt. George from his job for the second time since 2001.

Mr. Greenberg refused to give up. He then appealed both decisions to the Superior Court of New Jersey Appellate Division. There he persuaded a panel of three Judges that the ALJ had not only misunderstood the science given to him by the experts, but also made his own invalid scientific conclusions… [READ MORE]



It was December 5th, 2005 and I was on my way to work during a horrible snow storm. The next thing I knew a very normal day would change my life forever. A car sped past me in the snow storm and caused my car to lose control. Luckily I did not hit anyone. I got out of my car to see how bad I was stuck in the snow and the next thing I remember is waking up a day later in a hospital bed.

It seems that a car drove onto the highway speeding during a snow storm and hit me and my car while I was standing outside of the car. Because of this accident I had to undergo a 15-hour neuro-surgery to repair nerves in my skull as well as broken bones in my skull and ear canal. I have permanent hearing loss in my left ear and will wear a hearing aid for the rest of my life in addition to the constant dizziness, facial paralysis and migraine headaches.

After my head cleared I went to see a wonderful attorney by the name of William Greenberg at Greenberg Minasian, LLC. When I walked into Greenberg Minasian, LLC I did not feel like a number, or dollar sign I was treated with compassion and my story was heard. Mr. Greenberg gave me solid advice without even asking for my business. When I chose to let Mr. Greenberg represent me it was one of the best decisions that I have made in a long time.

My case was not a quick one, and it took time to come to a conclusion, but once it did it was well worth the wait. Mr. Greenberg fought for me, the victim, for over four years and was able to close my case by the summer of 2009. Mr. Greenberg was able to settle my case for an amount many times higher than the original offer. Greenberg Minasian, LLC is a law firm that fights for their clients, and Mr. Greenberg is a lawyer that is in a league of his own. He operates with dignity, and class and sets himself above the rest.