Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in NJ

Nursing homes are often deficient in properly safeguarding their residents.

When nursing homes, rehabilitation centers or skilled nursing facilities place revenues and profits over the safety and security of their residents, vulnerable and defenseless people suffer serious injuries and death.

It’s not only a fight for compensation, but also for justice. No one should tolerate the abuse or neglect of an elderly loved one.

Residents of assisted living facilities and nursing homes are the face of a staggering 10% (150,000) of the cases of abuse annually! Elder abuse can take on many forms from emotional to sexual. Not providing the most basic standards of care can result in bedsores and medication errors. Poor monitoring can lead to a resident wandering off the premises or suffering a fracture in a fall.

Simply put, seniors who are 85 and older represent the fastest growing segment of our population, and have the right to expect certain standards of daily life. If your loved one sustained injury at a nursing home facility, you should contact our experienced lawyers at 1-973-325-7711 or at