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After a motorcycle accident, you may face hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and the financial reality of time away from work. You may be suffering from a catastrophic injury and have years of recovery ahead of you. You may be awaiting a loved one’s recovery from a coma or coping with a loved one’s sudden accidental death.

And, unfortunately, you may be facing the stigma often associated with motorcyclists resulting in many — including the insurance representatives — believing you or your loved one are to blame for the motorcycle crash. Under current New Jersey law, motorcycles are not included in the New Jersey no fault system and there is no coverage for medical bills. Therefore, you need help from the experienced New Jersey Law firm of Greenberg Minasian, LLC to get the treatment that you need.

At Greenberg Minasian, LLC, our Essex County motorcycle accident lawyers understand you are going through significant challenges. From helping you to obtain proper medical treatment to demonstrating fault and securing full compensation for your injuries, expenses and losses, we have the experience and skills to provide the legal help you need.

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Essex and Hudson County Motorcycle Crash Lawyers Who Thoroughly Investigate the Cause of Your Motorcycle Accident

Far too often, people blame the biker for the accident because he or she chose to ride a motorcycle. At our law firm, we know that this is absolutely wrong and we fight to protect bikers from discrimination based on their choice of transportation. We thoroughly investigate the accident to demonstrate the actual cause of the crash or extent of the motorcycle rider’s injuries, such as:

  • Drivers failing to share the road with bikers
  • Drivers failing to watch out for motorcycles
  • Drivers abruptly cutting in front of a motorcyclist
  • Drivers who rear-end a motorcyclist stopped at an intersection
  • Defective tires resulting in a tire blowout
  • Defective roads resulting in a spin-out
  • Defective helmets or protective gear that failed in the accident

Our New Jersey motorcycle crash attorneys will meticulously investigate the accident, liability, insurance coverage options and all other aspects of your New Jersey motorcycle accident case. We will present a strong personal injury or wrongful death claim and aggressively negotiate with the insurance company for the full compensation to which you are entitled. We will not hesitate to assert your rights at trial, when necessary.

First Consultation Always Free — Never a Fee Unless We Win

Many people understand the need for an experienced lawyer following a motorcycle accident. However, they attempt to handle the matter on their own due to the misconception that hiring an attorney will be financially impossible due to all of the mounting medical bills and other bills that have added up since the motorcycle accident. If you hire us, you will pay nothing up front. We will only recover a fee if we recover money for your injury.

Do you face mounting bills, loss of income and other financial difficulties after a motorcycle crash? You need an experienced, aggressive personal injury attorney who will strive to get you the benefits you need as soon as possible. Our Essex and Hudson County motorcycle crash attorneys can help you through the aftermath of the accident.

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